Pesona Komodo Tours Indonesia is a tour operator offering komodo tour packages to tourists and travelers who really want to visit and see the Komodo dragons in Komodo National Park:

  • We are very concerned about the comfort and satisfaction of the users of our services.
  • Our experience and thorough knowledge of Komodo National Park make us easier to help you enjoy the charm of the wild on the island of Komodo and surrounding areas.
  • We believe our customers deserve to get accurate and detailed descriptions about all the things they want to know and experience.
  • We have a team and a network of highly reliable and committed in delivering satisfaction to the tourists.
  • Our tour guides are highly trained to seek as much as possible for the security and convenience of our service users.
  • As a vital element playing a key role for the success of the tour program, our tour guides are ready to give their knowledge and experience about all things concerning Komodo and its history.
  • We always work hard to make each of tour programs so successful that our customers will find it hard to forget their experience and the charm of adventure in the wild Komodo National Park.
  • Not only the blue sea and various kinds of interesting places, but also the cultures and customs of the NTT society will be our offerings to you.
  • Another factor that makes us different from other operators is that the price of our tour packages are very affordable.

Feel free to contact us anytime to get full and detailed info about the komodo tour package you choose.